Decorating A Contemporary Dining Room

Dining room decorating can vary greatly from home to home. Factors that establish the overall design of a dining room include the formality of the space and how many people need to be accommodated. Many homes feature a casual eating spot or breakfast nook located near the kitchen along with a more formal dining room for entertaining family and friends.

Making the Most of Dining Rooms

When considering various dining room ideas, it’s important to think about the size of the room compared to the size of the dining room furniture. Dining room tables and dining room chairs must be the right scale for the size of the floor plan, or else no one will be able to sit comfortably and enjoy a meal. The general guideline for dining room chairs is to allow about two to three feet clearance for guests to get into and occupy seats. The minimum allowance for traffic around the dining room table and chairs should be approximately two feet. This will ensure for an easy traffic flow for your guests.

In addition to the size of the space, you should also consider how many people will be using the dining room. For a family of four, their daily needs are for a minimum of four dining room chairs. If guests frequently join the family for lunch or dinner, then an expandable table along with several extra dining room chairs will be invaluable. For a home with one dining area, this adjustable dining room furniture design will be even more important as the room transforms to accommodate small or large gatherings.

Dining Room Furniture Options

Dining room ideas are really limitless since the materials available for tables and chairs can range from wood, metal, glass, plastic, stone, leather, and fabric. The basics of dining room decorating involve first selecting the right table and chairs. Dining room tables come in many shapes such as round, square, and rectangle. Round tables allow for better eye contact than oblong or rectangle versions. A round or oval table will also make it easier to add an extra chair when the need arises. Square dining room tables are becoming more popular especially in contemporary dining room design. Banquette or booth designs are ideal for breakfast nooks or casual dining spaces.

Dining room chairs are often available in a matched set with a table. However, an eclectic mixture of different chairs is well-suited to a cottage, country ranch, or contemporary dining room design. One painless way to try this idea is to buy the same style of chair in different colors or finishes if that is available; otherwise, you have them upholstered or painted in several coordinating colors.

If space allows, dining room furniture should also include pieces for use as serving areas and storage. The most commonly seen dining room furniture used to serve up food include buffets, sideboards, console tables, and harvest tables. A contemporary dining room design often features a large floating shelf as a buffet area. Dining room furniture storage options for dishware and glassware include china cabinets, breakfronts, cupboards, baker’s racks, wine racks, or open shelving