Buying a Home – Have a Plan


The way to secure the best deal is to make the terms of your Offer as appealing as possible to the Seller and with the benefit of Preparation and Market Knowledge combined with your Representative’s Experience and Service, you are likely to succeed.

Your fully integrated Buying Plan will include:

An in-depth qualifying interview to review your family’s needs and wants, and to determine the price range for your new home search

Implementation of an on-line Buyer Profile that will match your needs and wants with any appropriate new listing and forward it to you as soon as it is uploaded to the Multiple Listing System (MLS). Determining what assistance you may require with respect to financing and provide introductions to financial institutions as required.

Reviewing community features and amenities and conducting a neighbourhood familiarization tour.

Introducing and explaining Agency Law and Buyer Representation and your right to be represented in the most expensive and significant investment the average family ever makes.

Confirming your Buyer Representation by signing the standard Ontario Real Estate Association Buyer Agency Agreement.

Providing you with pro-forma examples of the standard Agreement of Purchase and Sale documents and review them in detail prior to drafting your Offer.

A review of selected homes taken from the extensive MLS inventory to determine their compatibility with your needs and wants.

Arranging a time-efficient tour of only the most desirable homes.

When you have selected the home you want to purchase, a market update and detailed market evaluation will be completed to help you determine a reasonable market value range will be completed.

The drafting of your Offer to Purchase in accordance with your instructions including any necessary terms or conditions to protect your interests.

The determination of our negotiating strategy and the timely presentation of your Offer.

The following of your directions and the protection of your interests in the negotiation maintaining the confidentiality of information given by you unless otherwise instructed.

The forwarding of a copy of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale to your financial institution and assisting you in arranging for the fulfillment of all conditions within the allotted time.

The preparation of the Notice of Fulfillment of Conditions for your signature and ensuring their timely distribution.

The forwarding of your completed Agreement of Purchase and Sale and Notices to your solicitor by our Transaction Coordinator and contact with it after the Requisition Date and prior to the Completion Date.

Contact with you one week prior to your moving day to ensure that those “last minute” details have been attended to.

Availability to you. Your calls will be returned promptly (in cases where other client meetings are in progress, response time may be longer). If your call is urgent please advise our support team.