Niagara Falls

The Queen of the Niagara Region, without question, is Niagara Falls, the World’s Most Famous Address and the Honey moon Capital of the World. The vacation destination for more than 16,000,000 visitors a year, from around the globe, Niagara Falls is on the list of one of the places one has to visit in a lifetime. A pretty City of about 82,000, Niagara Falls is still a small town at heart. While most residents of Niagara Falls may not get the opportunity to travel around the world, the world comes to Niagara in a never ending stream every year. Tourism is the number one industry in Niagara Falls and most residents have worked in the industry at some point in their life, usually as a teenager making money for school. Niagara Falls, USA is just across one of the three International Bridges located in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Both sides of the border offer distinctive but beautiful views of the mighty cataracts.