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NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE HISTORIC HOME. Circa 1808, Hamilton-Kormos house was built by the Hon. Robert Hamilton as a wedding gift for his son Lt. Col. Robert F. Hamilton Jr. Exceptionally well maintained and with heritage designation; it is one of the oldest surviving buildings in town. The home is a traditional Georgian Style design with influences from the loyalist neo-classical period including the fireplaces, flooring & trim detail and there have been only minor alterations to the original interior plan. Triple brick construction, erected on a limestone foundation, the home has been lovingly maintained ensuring it’s structural and mechanical integrity; it sits on a magnificent estate lot, is surrounded by relaxed gardens, and is hidden from the village`s main street behind majestic trees. The former servant`s quarters have been relocated and is currently used as a studio/workshop. Here is your opportunity to participate in the ownership of a remarkable piece of Canadiana.

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